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100 Questions

Sun Aug 24, 2014, 9:12 PM
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Clash - Caravan Palace
  • Reading: Friends with Boys
  • Watching: Supernatural

1) What is your favorite season?
Autumn, the seasons all feel out of whack to me lately tho

2) What is your favorite color?
It is currently pink XD

3) Favorite type of music?
Errrr I listen to so many different kinds haha, I love Jpop and alternative music according to my ipod

4) Favorite food?
Chinese food.

5) What type of shoes do you like wearing most?
Combat boots, my dad doesn't understand that I find them comfortable and stylish. Even tho they are beat to hell haha

6) Favorite animal (for this please use Earth animals)?

7) Chunky or smooth peanut-butter, or are you allergic?:
Smooth, doesn't matter tho

8) White or wheat bread?

9) Have a lucky number?
13 cause witchcraft and it freaks people out

10) Jeans, skirt, pants, pajamas, or shorts?:

Alright so let's get to know you a little better!

11) Can you sing like an angel or is it like running nails down a chalk-board?:

More towards the angel but I wouldn't go that far XD

12) Do you sing along to your music around people? What about dancing to your music… in public?:

13) Play any musical instruments, how well?:

14) If you were taken to a karaoke bar what's the first song you'd pick (you have to sing, no choice)?:
Sugar cube by Porcelain and the Tramps haha

15) Any good at sports? Got any sport you're amazing at?:
Not really. I can run kinda good and shit XD Wish I were more flexible, gotta work on that

16) Even if you didn't go to school, what would have been your best subject? Your worst subject?:
Best - Art always, but academically it'd be History. Worst - Math. Fuck math. It's boring and just no.

17) Hey, do you have a lot of friends or just a few, do you even HAVE friends?:
I have quite a lot actually

18) Got a best friend?:
Madi definitely XD

19) So what is your ideal job (legal or otherwise)?:
Ideal job is no job and doing art on the side cause jobs are stressful no matter how much you like it XD But I have to make a living so animator

20) Alright, so let's say you get a day off from the dream job, what do you do on your day off?:
Hopefully something cool is going on that day so I'd prolly try to hang out with someone and do something. Or I could just chill with my boyfriend, that's actually what I'd prefer to do now that I'm thinking about it... XD That'd be fucking great

So, how about some health questions?

21) Do you smoke; do you drink, heavily on either one?:

Don't smoke, drink from time to time. Not heavily cause that's stupid haha

22) Would you say you eat healthy?:
When I feel like putting in the effort or there's something good I like around here

23) What about your eyes? Are you blind in one of them?:
Thankfully no

24) Can you hear or do you need assistance in that?:
Hearing is good too

25) Is your body in good shape? Do you work out?:
Yeah, I be good. I should work out more XD I feel like Zach will eventually make me

26) Are you missing any limbs?:
All limbs are in check

27) Were you born with any health problems: asthma, high blood pressure, cancer, etc.?:

28) Have you gained any health problems in your life: breast cancer, diabetes, arthritis, burns?:

29) Is there something that is different about you mentally: split-personality, ADD, hallucinations, etc.?:
Not that I know XD

30) Is your body covered in scars?:
I have quite a few.

I feel like I'm really starting to get to know you! I'm going to ask about your love life now.

31) First off, do you have a preference?:

I have a preference for a type of personality, male or female doesn't matter to me

32) So, do you like anyone in particular? Do they like you back?:
My bf haha

33) Are you a virgin? Was it lost willingly?:
If it was lost unwillingly I'd be in jail for murder

34) So if you were married, would you want kids?:
Yeah, about three ideally if I can manage that XD

35) List ALL of your secret kinks (feet, bondage, blood, wrists, fish-net, BDSM, cat-ears, school girls/boys, etc.):
I would tell you but I won't

36) Do you like to cuddle?:

37) If you got to choose who you lost/lose your virginity too, who would it be?:

38) Who was your first kiss?:
Ehh,, let's say my current bf cause I don't want to count stupid shit XD

39) Where, to you, would be a kinky place to have sex? And a romantic place
Somewhere outside at night preferably. Romantic would be like in a bed

40) How much do/would you actually LIKE having sex?:
I don't do it very often but I would like to about every day if I could XD

Feeling a bit uncomfortable? Well we're going into your family now. If you have children we're going to focus on your own childhood.

41) How many are in your family?:

See that's a hard one cause half siblings. I'll just say four.

42) How many members of your family are still alive?
All of them?

43) What's the relationship you have/had with your family?:
A complicated one

44) Do you think your parents would/are proud of you and the way you are now?:
To an extent, I still have a bit to go

45) Since a lot of people consider pets as part of the family, did/do you have any?:
Cat, turtle, fish

46) What's a pleasant memory you have of your family?:
Holidays are nice

47) What's a bad memory?:
Arguments obviously. Not something I'd want to go into detail on haha

48) Where did you live when you were growing up?:
A house where I currently reside

49) Ever try to run away/get kicked out?:

50) Did you have your own room when you were growing up?:
I did and still do

Right, so we're going to get a bit dirty now, just a little bit though.

51) List seven bad-habits (you're welcome to list more than seven).:

Procrastination, bad sleep schedules, spending all of my money, being unsocial, leaving stuff like the oven on, not answering my phone, lying to Zach when he asks me if I need anything XD (ex: him: are you cold? me: no him: YOU'RE SHIVERING)

52) What are five major irritations/pet-peeves of yours?:
When people make the problems in their lives seem worse than yours ((keeping XD )), fake people, when people can't say how they feel/ what's bothering them outright and let it fester, overbearing parents *cough cough*, and selfishness

53) What would make you get into a fist fight, even if you were a pacifist by nature?:
Anyone attacking me haha, I don't feel the need to start getting physical unless necessary

54) Would you ever steal for fun?:

55) If offered, would you do hard drugs? Have you already done them?:

56) What is your deepest fear?:

57) What is your darkest secret?:
Why the fuck would I tell you.

58) What have you done that you are ashamed of?:
I'd rather not talk about it.

59) Have you ever caused someone to break down into tears?:
Probably when I was younger

60) List seven flaws, starting with your biggest (Flaw ex: racist, sexist towards either gender, procrastinator, never on time, self-deprecating, etc).
Procrastination cause it bothers me the most, anti social, self deprecating, I'm probably too blunt, too dependent,  pretty judgmental, and I'm not very magnanimous/forgiving

Alright so this part may be a little tough for you. We're going to get deep in the mud with the questions. Now answer truthfully!

61) What would cause you to murder someone? Have you murdered someone?:

I obviously haven't but killing someone would be too much bad karma plus I'd be too squeamish about it

62) Have you ever contemplated suicide?:
A bit but  there's so many reasons I wouldn't XD

63) Have you ever been arrested for something more than a misdemeanor?:

64) Would you take pleasure in torturing someone if it was someone you absolutely despised and loathed with every fiber of your being?:

65) If you could take revenge on everyone who has ever hurt you, would you?
Not worth my time

66) What action would make you unable to look at yourself in the mirror?
Ruining a good person's life or something in some way

67) Let's say you found the love of your life. You have a child with them and some unexpected life-threatening event occurs where you have to choose your child or the love of your life, whom do you choose?
This is probably horrible but I'd pick the love of my life

68) Could you kill a child for any reason?:

69) Would you sleep with someone to gain more power/a higher position/status?:
Probably, as long as I'm not with anyone so I wouldn't be cheating on anyone XD

70) Would you kill someone for power/a higher position/status?
No, that's stupid

Yeaaah I think a shower is in order, and maybe some comfort food. Alright, let's do something light and nice to make up for the depression I've induced.

71) Anyone you admire? Why do you admire them?:

My friends and amazing artists I find online

72) What do you do when you're upset?:
Talk to Zach, Madi, Alex, Steph, or Ryan probably XD I'd also seclude myself

73) What would be an instant pick-me-up for you if you were having a bad day?:
Seeing a friend

74) List seven nervous habits (running your hand through you hair, rubbing the inside of your wrist, rubbing the back of you neck, rambling, etc.).
Steph pointed out I rub the back of my neck a lot when I first started dating Zach haha, probably playing with my hair, talking quietly, avoiding eye contact, messing with my hands/fingernails, smiling awkwardly, paying too much attention to how I look

75) Do you like to sleep on a soft mattress or a stiff one?

76) Do you/did you sleep with a stuffed animal?:
Currently sleep with a stuffed toy Zach got me from Disney XD

77) Do you like to sleep in late or even on days off you wake up early?:
I try not to sleep late when I have to wake up early

78) Any collections (bottle caps, masks, art, gadgets, etc.)?
Rocks, books, and if you looked around my room you'd think I collect water bottles XD

79) Any hobbies?:
Drawing, singing, looking up random shit, anime in general

80) Would you rather play board games, video/computer games or what?:
Computer games

Feel a little better? Not completely? Alright so here's so more light fun questions.

81) Shower or bath?:

Shower because baths are gross

82) Hot or cold water for the previous question?
Hot water

83) Favorite kind of dessert (hard candy, chocolate, jelly-beans, cake, pie, etc.)?:
I love jelly beans, twix, and frozen yogurt and doughnuts and ugh yumm

84) What is your favorite ice-cream flavor and what is a flavor that sounds terrible to you?:
Any kind of chocolate and I thought root beer ice cream would be good but I was wrong XD

85) What type of toppings do you put on your ice-cream, do you put any toppings?
More chocolate XD I don't like hard toppings

86) Driver's seat or passenger?:
Passenger because easier haha

87) Any particular place you want to visit (can be ANYWHERE, the moon, Disneyland, anywhere)?:
Japan, France, Canada, shit like that XD

88) What animal would you want to be (again for ease please use animals on earth)?:
A type of cat.

89) Favorite plant (tree, plant, flower your choice)?:
Roses because it's really cute when Zach gets me them uwu

90) Favorite smell (lilacs, cinnamon, fresh laundry, blood, etc.)?
I sound so obsessive but I like Zach's smell XDI also like the smells around holidays like Christmas and even Halloween cause candy and it's usually chilly and dark ouo

Feel all better now? Good! Just a few more questions!

91) Go to a play/musical, watch a movie, or read a book?
Movie at home

92) Do you have a religion?:

93) Do you believe in karma?:

94) If someone was broken down on the side of the road would you stop to help them?:
Prolly not because I'm not very much help and that's dangerous but if I had someone with me I'd be more likely

95) What sort of super power would you want to have (you can only have one power)?
Telekinesis always

96) A genie is giving you three wishes, what do you wish for (no wishing for more wishes)?:
Telekinesis ((duh)), to know the secrets of the universe, and to get into Sheridan for animation XD ((it's really fucking hard like you do not understand))

97) Where and what's your ideal place to live?:
Dunno yet, who I have with me matters more than where I'm at tho

98) Setting aside whether or not you fight, what is the type of weapon would you use?:
A sword of some kind

99) The end of existence has been announced, you have a day until it ends, what do you do?:
Find my friends and cry probably

Last question

100) do you like yourself?


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